A few brief explanations should simplify the introduction to the world of the Showroom. First of all, we will deal with accessibility, as the framework used is currently not accessible. By the way, the framework does not support tablets or smartphones at the moment.

List of Jitsi rooms

In the world, the following Jitsi rooms are available:

The coordination of who is present when in which Jitsi room must take place via other accessible communication channels. The central chat is suitable for this.

Icons in the world

Icon & description

Run across the board with the character. A button that appears invites you to click the space bar. Once clicked, another window opens in the browser window on the right-hand side, in which external content is integrated. The integrated contents are arranged thematically.

Areas in which there is a bear automatically open a Jitsi room. If necessary, the browser asks for permission to use the microphone and camera in a dialogue.

The exit signs point to the exit of the map. From there, a new map opens. Interaction between people on different maps is not supported by the software.

Pen and ink indicate quiet zones. Those who want to be visible to others, but do not want to be disturbed, go to the quiet zones. No video or audio requests are activated in these.

The often seen hamburger menu also does exactly what is expected here. It opens the menu.

From here, other people can be invited via "Share url". Press, copy&paste and inform others on your preferred communication channel. Your own name is misspelled? Then simply set a new one using "Edit name". Your own character doesn't look so cool? Have fun dressing it up in the menu item "Edit skin". In the settings, you can adjust the quality of audio & video. Usually nothing needs to be configured. The entry "Create map" has no function.

Do not be surprised. No cursor flashes and there is no further prompt. Just bang the keys without restraint. As soon as the first character is recognised, you are prompted to press "Enter". This must actually be done via the keyboard. Enter = line break - far right.